Nicaragua is a country full of ecological wonders, rich culture and dynamic history. It is the largest country in Central America and home to the world’s greatest concentration of inland waters, plentiful rainforest, and striking beaches. Nearly one-fifth of Nicaragua is forest reserves filled with toucans, parrots, monkeys and iguanas in a land of more than 50 volcanoes (two of which make up the Island of Ometepe, a current candidate to be designated as one of the world’s wonders).

“Nicaragua’s rich history adds to the allure of this beautiful understated culture.”

Nicaragua’s dynamic history and culture complement these natural wonders to offer you a unique adventure into a new culture. A history of colonialism, revolution and recovery have sculpted a unique society with a deep sense of pride and value for family. Historically one of Central America’s poorest countries, increased foreign investment and an environmentally sensitive effort to capitalize on its ecological attractions has made Nicaragua an increasingly popular destination in Central America.


Agriculture and Nutrition

One of our most diverse trips in Nicaragua including sustainable rural development, SCUBA diving and language immersion. Nicaragua: Agriculture and Nutrition will take you from the mountains to the Caribbean and introduce you to several facets of Nicaraguan life.

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Renewable Energies

As the only high school student-led solar panel installations in Nicaragua, our Renewable Energies trip will enable you to become an integral part of a project to bring electricity and renewable energy to a remote mountain village.


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Spanish, Surf & Service

A learning adventure introducing participants to sustainable development and new cultures. Students learn Spanish and surfing while working with local villages to improve health, education and nutrition.


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