About ACI Trips

Travel can be an important part of learning and no other company works harder to provide you and your group with custom experiences to match your goals and interests. ACI offers ONLY custom group trips which means that you won’t be part of a pre-packaged trip but rather a carefully planned and customized experience built around your particular schedule, budget and interests. None of our trips combine groups. Each group will be provided with its own unique itinerary and dedicated trip leaders and staff.

If your group is associated with a school Al Campo International’s unique Schools Program provides schools and teachers with individual and dedicated custom travel design, management and guiding. Our staff works directly with each school to provide a learning experience tailored to meet the needs and interests of the school and its students. If your trip is part of a course curriculum we work hard to incorporate that curriculum into the trip design and provide post-trip support to further the learning experience. Teachers are invited to participate as much as they want in the trip design but Al Campo International is prepared to handle every facet of the trip so that teachers are not burdened with the stress of preparation and planning and can enjoy the trip as much as the students. All trip costs for teachers or other representatives of the school is covered by Al Campo International.

St. Andrew’s School Spring Break 2014: March 2 – March 13


This is a custom program designed solely for St. Andrew’s students. No application is required. Only St. Andrew’s School students will be admitted. Payment of $2300 due by November 15th.


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Heathwood Hall Winterim 2013: March 2 – March 10


This is a custom program designed solely for Heathwood Hall students. No application is required. Only Heathwood Hall students will be admitted.


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Mel Bride’s Summer Trip: June 26th – July 3rd


This is a custom program designed solely for members of Mel Bride’s party. No application is required. Only students in Ms. Bride’s group will be admitted.


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