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Going Solar: What You Probably Didn’t Know

Posted by on May 4, 2012

Solar energy- you’ve heard about it. You may have even been stopped by an environmentalist saying you should support it. If you’re really cool, maybe your own house uses it. But how much do you really know about solar energy? Plants make the process of turning light into energy look easy, but producing a solar cell is far from simple. Here’s what you need to know about solar energy. The beginning: A french physicist, Antoine-César Becquerel, first observed the effects of solar power while experimenting with an electrode in an electrolyte solution. As light graced through...

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Secrets from Copán: Unsolved Mystery of the Collapse

Posted by on Apr 19, 2012

After studying the Mayan ruins of Copán for three decades, William Fash, and archeologist from Harvard University, is still trying to figure out one thing: how did such a powerful dynasty fall? The sudden drop off in construction of new temples leaves archeologists wondering: Did the entire city collapse suddenly? Or was the decline slow and gradual, the lack of new buildings simply evidence of economic turmoil? Each major Mayan city seems to have it’s own story, but determining the exact reason for their fatal end has proven to be almost impossible. Signs of malnutrition and the...

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Sneak Peek: Honduras Scuba, Spanish, and Service Trip

Posted by on Apr 12, 2012

Calling all 2012 Honduras travelers! We’ve just gotten back form a week in Honduras, and have a fantastic trip set up for you. Check out these pictures, and start packing your bags! July 30th can’t come soon enough. Our team made a quick trip to the Mayan city of Copán to scope out the best views for you…. …and took a tour of the nearby town where we’ll spend a week. This will be home-base while we converse with our Spanish instructors, explore the ancient temples of the Maya, and take horseback excursions into the surrounding mountains. Even today you can...

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Surfing 101: A quick lesson on the lingo

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012

Whether you’re looking forward to surfing the Nicaragua shoreline in a few short months or your son/daughter/friend is just was, you’re going to need to know a few things to keep up with the waves (or the talk about the waves). “Brah, I was rippin’ it on that pumping righteous swell when all of a sudden- BAM! Acid drop! I was totally axed.” Need a translation? Surfer lingo can be hard to follow. That’s why we threw together a quick collection of surfer slang for you to take to the beach next time. Now you won’t look like such a Waxboy. We even included the a few of the spanish...

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Final St. Andrew’s School Update

Posted by on Mar 12, 2012

The last week and a half has been a fun-packed adventure. From building over 12 latrines, swimming in Somoto Canyon, and  learning to surf, this spring break was action-packed! Today, the St. Andrew’s School trip is coming to a close. The Al Campo team had a great time getting to know each of you. We want to send a big “Thanks!” out to all of the parents, teachers, staff, and friends that helped make this trip what it was. Here are a few photos from the last half of our trip: This trip was a great start to the season! We look forward to getting back out...

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