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How old do participants need to be?

Most trips are designed for students age 14 to 18. We accept exceptions to this, but parents must petition this before enrollment will be granted. Adult trips are designed for 18 years of age and up. Custom family trips have no age requirement.

What does Al Campo International do to make my trip a safe one?

Traveling carries inherent risks, whether to a new town or a new country. ACI works hard to minimize these risks at all levels and maintains a perfect track-record largely due to ACI’s strong relationships in each country that afford us timely and accurate information regarding environmental, economic and political circumstances. Our comprehensive Risk Management Plan is designed to eliminate all unnecessary risks and ensure the safety of the group.

Is the water safe to drink?

Most of the water is potable but to avoid any health issues, purified water is provided to all participants throughout the trip.

Do I need any shots or immunizations?

Shot and immunization requirements are dependent on region and are determined by the host country. Recommendations and current requirements for individual countries are available on the US Center for Disease Control’s website www.crc.gov Additionally, ACI requires a current tetanus for all participants and recommends Hep A&B vaccinations.

What steps are taken in the case of an emergency or injury?

The safety of our participants is foremost in the minds of our staff, our working partners and our host families. Participants are always accompanied by emergency response trained guides who are well equipped to administer CPR and wilderness first aid at any time. Guides are in constant contact with local health facilities, embassies, government and community leaders. Additionally, ACI has an emergency evacuation plan for each region and emergency evacuation insurance is provided for every participant.

How do I get in touch with my son/daughter or my parents in case of emergency?

At least three cell phone numbers are available in each country program for purposes of emergency contact. At times we have limited cell service but generally receive messages with 24 hours.

What about my food allergies and restrictions?

Each participant is required to complete a diet and allergy information form. This information is documented and distributed to our staff (during staff orientation) and host families. Participants are not placed in a home or situation which might compromise our ability to meet these needs.

Where will we stay and who will we stay with?

The majority of an Al Campo trip is spent in home stays with local families. All our families have history with our organizations and are screened before each trip not only by our organization, but by the local community in which we operate. Several dynamics are included in the selection process, including but not limited to : family size, gender, participant’s dietary needs and allergies, ages and gender of host family members, family’s history in the community, level of commitment by the family to provide a safe and welcoming environment.

Additionally, there are some times at which the group will stay in eco-lodges or hostels. All these accommodations have been researched and approved by our staff.

How will we travel in the country?

All travel in-country will be done as a group. Participants will be transported on the ground in newer model private coaches. Each coach is equipped with A/C, safety belts, and large windows. Waterway transportation is furnished on large boats by reputable transportation companies.

What if I don’t speak the language?

While some exposure to Spanish is certainly helpful, it is not necessary. Our native Spanish-speaking instructors are schooled in immersion language training for all levels of participants, to help them develop their communication skills rapidly in order to communicate with their host families and local communities. Our bilingual guides are able to further help our participants with their language skills by bridging the gap between English and Spanish.

Why should I travel with Al Campo International?

Al Campo International offers true cultural immersion; not just a taste of local communities and culture but rather co-existence. You will take part in efforts to improve the quality of life for those most in need, learn the language as only a local can, and explore corners of the landscape not found in any guide book. In the end you will take with you the greatest souvenir of all, the unmistakeable feeling of being part of something larger than yourself.