Our Team

Our experienced team has a diverse set of backgrounds and includes trip leaders from both the United States and natives from our host countries. Our North American trip leaders help provide a familiar and safe environment for students. International team members further the ACI immersion experience offered on our trips, and give us genuine cultural insight and knowledge. Their local contacts and knowledge of local customs ensure that our trips are safe while giving us connections to little-known destinations. Our team members have experience in a variety of fields, from high school education to medicine and international community development.

Tim Gibb

Al Campo International Founder and Director, WFR & CPR

Being the director and founder of ACI doesn’t stop Tim from spending as much time in the field as the rest of us. Born in the Philippines to America parents, Tim became accustomed to international travel at a young age. His background working in rural economic development with organizations like UNFAO, Winrock International, and Save the Children help to ensure sustainability and measurable impact in our community projects. Tim is visible on all ACI trips.

Edwin Guadamuz

Logistical Supervisor, International First Aid & CPR

One of the most senior members of the ACI team, Edwin keeps every student and staff member’s safety in mind while preparing and caring for our trips. If it has wheels he can drive it, and if it has an engine he can make it run. Edwin is a native of Nicaragua. His intimate knowledge of the country and his numerous local contacts ensure both the safety and quality of every ACI experience.

Roberto Mairena

Project Coordinator, International First Aid & CPR

Roberto, also a native of Nicaragua, spent many years coordinating and overseeing volunteer projects on the island of Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua. Because of the remote nature of Ometepe, Roberto is well versed in the implementation of rural village projects and skilled in inventing solutions where favorable conditions or proper materials are not accessible. Roberto exemplifies the ‘MacGyver’ style approach to dealing with the unexpected; something that enables us to work in the more inaccessible and remote areas of Nicaragua.

Caitlin Sherwood

Program Coordinator, First Aid

Caitlin is a Boulder, Colorado native with a passion for international service travel. As a child, Caitlin traveled with her family frequently in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Before joining the ACI team, Caitlin lived in Chile and part of a semester abroad. When classes were suspended due to a strike and most of the kids went on vacation, Caitlin stayed and designed an after-school program for local children. Caitlin brings motivation, initiative and management skills to Al Campo International and all of our trips.

Vicente Velasquez

Agricultural Engineer

Vicente, known to us as ‘Don’ Vicente, out of respect for him as the oldest member of the Al Campo International Team and because of his wealth of knowledge surrounding water and soil conservation, rural development and agriculture, is originally from one of the villages we now work in. Unlike many of the youth from his village, Vicente was able to receive an education in Agricultural Engineering at the national university in Nicaragua. Vicente spent nearly a decade as a field technician for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) before joining our team. Vicente is well connected with the local communities and maintains and supervises projects in the villages when there are no groups working in the villages.

Guillermo Valdez

Trip Leader

Guillermo is a counseling psychologist in the Los Angeles school system during the academic year and joings ACI for our summer trips. Before earning his masters in Counseling Psychology, Guillermo worked as a wilderness trip leader for youth at risk in Pennsylvania. In 1997 Guillermo backpacked the length of Central and South America. Having latin roots on his father’s side of the family, Guillermo has a passion for latino culture which he enjoys sharing with his students.

Kirsten Miller

Trip Leader, EMT

Kirsten first came to Nicaragua in the summer of 2001 as one of the first participants on the original Al Campo International trip. She returned the following year as an intern before starting her studies to become a doctor. During the course of her studies Kirsten has made her way back to Nicaragua both with Al Campo International and with other groups to provide health care to rural villages. As a licensed EMT and student of medicine, Kirsten’s knowledge and experience ensure our participants a unique degree of physical and mental well-being.

Sandra Krebs

Trip Leader

Sandra is a high school teacher from Zurich Switzerland. She came to Nicaragua first for the surf, but wanting to contribute to the country, not just benefit from its attractions, she became a trip leader for Al Campo International. She is a high school teacher who teaches English, History, German, Art and Cultural studies. She has taught in the Philippines and Scotland and is currently teaching in her home country. Sandra is a vibrant and positive person who is ‘psyched to be back in Nicaragua’ this summer.

Taryne Tosetti

Trip Leader, CPR & AED

Taryne came to Al Campo International after a semester in Valapara√≠so, Chile, inspired by her trip to do more international travel. Her studies in International Affairs and her experience with International Media make her a great addition to the ACI team, but it’s her experience as a teacher that really comes into play on trips. As a swim teacher and a ski instructor, Taryne spends long winter weekends on the slopes helping students of all ages sharpen up their ski skills while keeping them safe in the backcountry.