Sustainable Development

Whether you join us for an international high school student summer tour or alternative spring break, our projects are crucial to our mission of offering educational travel and cultural immersion to every participant. Projects are designed to teach participants real world solutions to growing community problems.

In addition, projects are performed side by side with the local communities, helping to build bonds and support ACI’s vision of true cultural immersion.

“It gives you the opportunity to go down there, and not only see the communities that are impoverished and need help but with them, talk to the people, understand where they’re coming from, understand who they are.”


Project Snapshot: Reef protection and Lionfish Capture on Bay Islands, Honduras

Problem:The Lionfish is an invasive non-native species damaging the reef and reducing the population of the native species.

Solution:Work with local marine biologists to remove the lionfish from the area through capture and the training of natural predators.

Impact:Restores balance to the natural marine environment and protects the livelihood of the local people.

Project Snapshot: Solar Power

Problem:Lack of electricity.

Solution:Working cooperatively with local NGO’s and solar companies to install community level solar power for off-the-grid communities.

Impact:Green renewable energy provides electricity which creates access to education, modern construction, public information through radio and internet and improvements to water and sanitation.

Project Snapshot: Soil & Water Conservation

Problem:Deforestation and torrential rains compromise the integrity of farmlands and river beds and remove nutrients vital to a successful harvest.

Solution:On susceptible areas of farming parcels and ephemeral stream beds we use rocks and boulders to build low retaining walls and low head dams.

Impact:Retains important nutrients in the soil allowing for a more abundant and nutritious crop. In stream beds, it retains more water in the basin, allowing for improved water table levels, retention of the richest soils for horticulture and a consistent and cleaner source of domestic water.

Project Snapshot: Horticulture

Problem:Poor nutrition, lack of vegetables in diet, financial restrictions of traditional horticulture.

Solution:Through a simple and appropriate design using rope, rebar and anti-viral mesh, a small green house can be inexpensively constructed to enable families to supplement their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Impact:In agrarian communities where rice and beans is the staple of the diet and sometimes its only ingredient, nutrition improves when it is supplemented with fresh, organic vegetables with little added work.  Click here to see the results from our greenhouse project.

Project Snapshot: Education

Problem:Poor education due to lack of infrastructure and proper government assistance.

Solution:Provide student-lead lessons in English and extra-curricular activities in the arts.

Impact:Exposes local students to native english speakers and allows for diversity in classroom activites and exposure to new ideas.

Project Snapshot: Eco-stoves

Problem:Existing ‘open flame’ adobe stoves use for cooking in the home lack ventilation and create smoke-related health issues.

Solution:Using local materials construct an eco-stove which burns more efficiently and ventilates smoke through the roof.

Impact:Reduces the amount of wood needed for cooking, reduces deforestation, reduces lung disease and other smoke-related diseases.